Luca Rebuschi

Web Developer & SMM
Luca Rebuschi

Vetrina In

Vetrina In had entrusted me with managing their web and social media image. As the industry expert in creating displays and setups for shops and events of activities in the fashion and luxury sector, they relied on me to elevate their online presence. It was a big responsibility, but I was excited to take it on.

During my tenure, I developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included social media management, content creation, and search engine optimization. I worked closely with the company's marketing team to understand their goals and target audience, and then developed a plan to reach them effectively. We used various social media platforms to showcase the company's products and services, highlight its expertise in the industry, and engage with customers. Our content was carefully curated to appeal to the fashion and luxury sector, and we ensured that it was visually stunning and informative.

Through our efforts, we were able to significantly increase the company's online visibility and engagement. Their social media following grew, and their website traffic increased. It was a satisfying experience to see the positive impact of our work.

In conclusion, managing the web and social media image of Vetrina In was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Through our efforts, we were able to enhance the company's online presence and increase its visibility in the fashion and luxury sector.


Vetrina In


20th August, 2022

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