Luca Rebuschi

Web Developer & SMM
Luca Rebuschi

Roman Froz & Bandits Crew

I was thrilled to have been entrusted with the task of building the web pages and developing the web and social advertising strategies for such an esteemed individual in the world of dance. As a world-renowned dancer, winner of multiple national and international competitions, journalist, and artistic director of Bandits Dance Studio, not to mention leader of the renowned Bandits Crew, there was no doubt that our collaboration resulted in some truly outstanding work.

In addition, he was also a judge on the popular television show "Amici di Maria de Filippi", further establishing his influence in the world of dance. Along with constructing his web pages, I also had the opportunity to manage the advertising campaigns for his websites and social media platforms.

Together, we worked towards creating a strong online presence that accurately reflected the talent, expertise, and achievements of this remarkable individual. Our focus was on developing a dynamic and visually engaging website that showcased his work, as well as creating compelling and effective advertising campaigns that targeted his audience across various social media platforms.

With my expertise in web design and online marketing, combined with his unparalleled talent and experience, we were able to create a powerful online brand that elevated his career to new heights. It was a pleasure working with him and bringing his vision to life on the web.


Roman Froz


20th March, 2017

Web Sites, Advertising & Media Plan

SMM, Web Developer and advertising